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Business Services Attorney in Dana Point, California

Nick Yocca works with clients on matters of varying size and complexity in virtually every aspect of business law or corporate law. The matters range from significant mergers and acquisitions, substantial offerings and funding, all the way to company formation and founders shares, and Nick Yocca Law Firm handles your matter, complex or not, with expertise and efficiency.

Dedicated to the Practice of Law For More than Two Decades

Nicholas J. Yocca has been dedicated to the practice of law and to the representation of businesses throughout the Southern California area for over 25 years. We are a full-service business transaction firm with expertise in everything from general counsel services to mergers and acquisitions. Our firm strives to ensure an economical, timely, personal and effective response to the client's needs.

Put Your Business in Capable Hands

When asked, I describe our lawyers and myself as various things, such as corporate attorney, business attorney, contract attorney, securities attorney, real estate attorney, transactional attorney, and mergers and acquisitions attorney. What I find to be better than describing us as lawyers is to describe some of the things we can do as lawyers for our clients. We provide skilled guidance through mergers and acquisitions, financing transactions, the creation of wills and trusts, e-commerce business transactions, real property transactions, executive separations, and more.