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Internet Business Attorney in Dana Point, California

Internet law is constantly evolving. Nick Yocca Law Firm has extensive experience dealing with internet-related legal issues. Whether you just want legal advice regarding a new website or need help negotiating contracts for outsourcing, software licensing, protecting trade secrets, or marketing and distribution, Nick Yocca Law Firm can help.

We Handle Internet-Related
Legal Issues

Internet-Related Transactions

  • Computer hardware and software

  • Computer service agreements

  • Cyber-squatting

  • Domain name registration

  • Electronic contracting

  • Electronic security

  • General E-commerce

  • GNU Licensing

  • Government system acquisitions

  • Licensing

  • Online Copyrights

  • Outsourcing

  • Patents and trademarks

  • Piracy

  • Privacy issues

  • Sales

  • Shrinkwrap and clickwrap agreements

  • Software and business method patents

  • Trade secrets