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Employee Benefits Attorney in Dana Point, California

Nick Yocca Law Firm successfully navigates employers through the complexities of federal ERISA, labor, tax, and securities laws and regulations. As a boutique law firm located in Southern California, Nick Yocca Law Firm is especially well-suited to the needs of California employers dealing with California laws that pertain to the compensation of their employees.

Nick Yocca Law Firm has extensive experience in executive compensation issues as well as handling issues arising from mergers and acquisitions, reductions in force, the investment of plan assets, employee communications, and the drafting of plan summaries and prospectuses.

Serving Your Employee Benefit Needs

Nick Yocca Law Firm can advise your business on matters related to all of your employee benefit needs:

  • Defined benefit pension plans

  • Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs)

  • Equity Incentives

  • Fiduciary duties of plan providers

  • Funding mechanisms for insurance plans (e.g. health plans, disability plans, and group life plans)

  • Non-qualified deferred compensation plans

  • Non-statutory stock options

  • Pension and profit-sharing plans

  • Plan administration

  • Profit-sharing plans

  • Stock bonus plans

  • Stock Options