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Public Companies Attorney in Dana Point, California

In-house counsel and the outside attorneys who advise public companies must consider a wide array of regulatory requirements and practical considerations that do not apply to privately-held companies.

Since the implementation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act officers and directors of publicly traded companies are under increased scrutiny by regulatory bodies as well as shareholders. In today's environment, absolute regulatory compliance has become an essential aspect of corporate operations.

Smart Advice for Public Companies

Our attorneys work with small public companies to maintain compliance with periodic reporting requirements including Forms 10K, 10Q, and 8K reports; monitor procedures involving codes of ethics and management systems and controls; and supervise the maintenance and upkeep of current and accurate minutes of director and committee meetings. We also work to establish; compliance with state corporate law, including the filing of annual reports and payment of franchise fees; legal issuance of dividends; proper transfer of shares, and many other functions.

We perform in-depth due diligence regarding corporate transactions and also represent public companies, corporate officers, and directors to help manage their liability in regards to corporate compliance and disclosure issues. When retained in this capacity our goal is to adopt a proactive posture in an attempt to eliminate problems before they occur.