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Protector of Small and Fragile Companies

"Nick has been an important part of my growth and defensive strategy over the years, helping at the start of new enterprises and guiding those companies through challenges and opportunities as they grow, including investment rounds and sale of the enterprise. As an early stage active angel investor, I rely upon Nick and others in his firm to help build and protect the infrastructure of these small, fragile companies."

– David Berkus, author of Berkonomics, Angel Investor (Tech Coast Angels and Pasadena Angels), Member of the Board at MyShape, Inc., Chairman at Transcepta and Consultant to the Board at Multi-Systems Inc.

An Outstanding Resource

"Nick is a great legal resource and provides highly expert advice and counsel. He is outstanding at providing "high value" direction based on his business experience and legal knowledge."

– John Holtrust, Senior Vice President Human Resources at Microsemi Corporation

Diligent Work Ethic

"Nick has a strong command of all issues, diligent work ethic for resolving and implementing effective resolutions. I would personally task Nick with any personal or business legal
issues in the future."

– David Donnelly, President at CompuVac Industries, Inc.

Practical and Straightforward

"Nick Yocca handled our management buyout transaction from the buyer side. We chose him because of his reputation in the Orange County, CA community and his practical, straightforward style. He did an excellent job and was well worth the money. We plan to his services going forward and wholeheartedly recommend him."

– Joe Simrell, Co-President at BillWise, Inc.

Competent, Personal, and Perfectly Punctual

"I have known Nick for three years now on a professional level and I recommend him to all of my business associates. His firm has a high degree of competency in many areas, including high technology and personal matters. Thus, he has been the only attorney I have and may likely continue to work with for services ranging from personal disputes to intellectual property. I highly recommend Nick as he does great work, has a broad range of legal and business experience, is very clear and personal, and finally perfectly punctual."

– Austin Guu, CEO at Extract Value LLC and a Web 2.0 and Marketing Entrepreneur

Knowledgeable and Invaluable

"Nick represented one of my high tech clients for legal work in support of the start-up of a new company. There were many intricacies around building a new business and Nick's counsel and professional services were invaluable. He is a pro!"

– Paul De Paul, Owner at Pinnacle Partners

Professional and Genuine

"Nick has handled an important legal matter and was just great to deal with as we negotiated a settlement. He knows the game and when to stand firm and not panic. It's easy to get emotional when there are charged feelings and large numbers, but he handled it perfectly. We didn't settle and I am glad we didn't, but we put ourselves in a great position to litigate. I highly recommend Nick and the Yocca Law firm."

– Mike Gray, Owner, Centerpoint Financial Strategies, Inc.

Top-Notch Corporate Attorney.

"I served with Nick on the International Board of Directors of the Association of Internet Professionals. Nick has incredible integrity, is very smart, and a creative thinker when it comes to problem-solving. I would not for a moment hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking a top-notch corporate attorney."

– David McKnight, President & COO - at Leisure Holding, Inc. and President at International Association for Technology Trade - IATT

An Experienced Attorney

"Nick Yocca is an experienced attorney specializing in the field of Securities law. I would recommend him for a client in need of legal advice for Merger & Acquisitions, Reverse Mergers using Public Shells, and general securities law."

– Gary Cohee, President & CEO-PMB Securities Corp.

The Best Use of A Lawyer Ever

"Nick represented me in a potential acquisition, one of the most important business decisions in my career. It was the best use of a lawyer I have needed. We ended up not going thru with the deal on his advice which turned out to be the best decision of my life. The acquiring "Public" company eventually went out of business!"

– Casey Crandall, President at Wright Capacitors, Inc.

Creative and Well Informed

"I worked with Nick regarding an important SEC related issue in 2007. His work was of superior quality. I found that his advice was well-founded, based on his many years of experience combined with in-depth research on the matter. Nick was quite creative in protecting my legal interests throughout the process. I would highly recommend Nick for his legal help regarding SEC related issues, as well as legal advice on mergers and acquisitions."

– Danny Moscaritolo, President and CEO, Remediation Earth, Inc.

Caring and Determined

"Nick Yocca always makes sure I'm taken well care of and protected in everything I do."

– Nick Peterson, CEO at NxtDream Films, Inc.

Expert Level Guidance

"Nick has provided me and my associates with expert information on SEC requirements, mergers, and documentation in raising capital. Nick has worked with me on several start-ups and provided information for me as a Director in a $500 million public company."

– Dick Dadamo, President at RJD Associates, Inc.

Sharp, Professional, Creative

"Nick is one of the top business attorneys I've worked with (and I DID work with quite a few!!) He is sharp, professional, creative and also has a very pleasant personality and very high integrity. I definitely will continue working with him in the future as well as recommend business associates and friends to work with him too."

– Arik Ziv, VP Sales at Collactive

Honest and Fair

"Nick helped me organize, grow and merge several businesses. He was instrumental in negotiating excellent terms for the sale of one business under a very tight deadline with complex deal terms. He has always provided sound advice and has been fair with his billings."

– Dan Beadle, President at Hubbard Enterprises and President at Incline Softworks


"Nick is a down-to-earth individual with an outstanding legal and business mind. Nick is interested in his clients' success as much as his own. I highly recommend working with Nick."

– Dan Galvanoni, Managing Director, Founding Partner at DPG Investments, DPG Private Lending

A Capable and Invaluable Asset

"January 29, 2008, For over a decade, we at HILEVEL Technology, Inc. have relied on the capable advice from Nicholas Yocca, Esq. on all legal and corporate matters, including business contracts, corporate finance, and governance. Certainly, Nick's profound understanding and quick grasp of the legal ramifications on all aspects of business dealings will help any company forestall or avert potential problems. A keener mind would be difficult to find, as his other clients will readily attest (his partial client list includes: NetSoft, Microsemi, Applied Data Communications, Systonetics, Gamespy, Edupoint, Sierra Design Labs, Routerware, Beadlenet). More importantly, Nick is a consummate negotiator who would be an invaluable asset to any team at the table. He can readily discern the central issues and get the job done. In short, he is a top-flight dealmaker who knows how to make any deal stick."

– Gloria Dahlberg, Vice President HILEVEL Technology, Inc.

Energetic and Goal-Oriented

"I am happy to write this letter of recommendation for Nick Yocca. I would like to express my respect and appreciation for this bright attorney, who brought outstanding contribution to the work of my group. I have known Nick Yocca since 1999. He is a pleasure to work with. Since the beginning of our collaboration, I know him as an energetic and goal-oriented person. His extraordinary ability to analyze problems and outline necessary courses of action was invaluable. I would like to say that it is pleasant to work with Nick; he is a reliable and intelligent person. I can attest to his integrity. He pays careful attention to details. His comments are well thought out and clearly articulated. He communicates effectively in writing. He is completely loyal and trustworthy. He follows tasks through to completion and gets along well with others. He is personable and easy to work with. I give him my highest recommendation, without reservation. I am confident he will measure up to your high standards. Please send me an e-mail at if you have further questions. Mike Kolsy, President SofCast, Inc."

– Mike Kolsy, former CEO at SofCast Inc.

Responsive and Solution Driven

"Nick is a dedicated and conscientious attorney, always responsive, always thinking of solutions instead of creating problems. I highly recommend him to businesses seeking a "can do" attorney."

– Kim Early, Consulting Principal at EFCG and former CEO at DPAC Technologies, Inc.

Understanding and Very Personable

"I had the opportunity to use Nick professionally and he was just great. He has a great disposition, an extremely strong knowledge and understanding of how to apply the law to my situation, and very personable. I also know him personally and he has always been very nice and personable to me."

– Craig P. Linnell, Partner, IS Assurance at BDO Seidman, LLP

Pleasent and Hardworking

"I have used Nick Yocca as a corporate attorney at NetSoft for many years and had him for the final sale transaction as well. Nick was always very pleasant to work with and always produced good work. I would highly recommend anyone in the high tech arena with transaction needs to use him."

– Zak Kong, former CEO at NetSoft (aka NSA - Network Software Associates)

Delivers Quality Work

"I have worked with Nick in both a public corporation with all of the government laws, and I have worked within tech start-up situations. He adapts well to both ends of the spectrum and he always tries to deliver quality work while being frugal with his customer's money."

– Gordon Watson, President at WATSON CONSULTING, LLC

Excellent Provider of Knowledge and Value

"Nick Yocca is an excellent provider of corporate legal services. Nick Yocca is extremely knowledgeable and provides great value. They are the best that I have worked with."

– Christopher Romine, President and CEO at S.Two Corp

Always Has My Best Interests in Mind

"Nick has been a valued resource for me since starting my company in 1999 and he helped me do that as well. Between making introductions and doing work for me, he always has had my best interests in mind."

– Shawn Gordon, Owner at

Top-Tier and Fully Engaged

"Nick was recommended to me through my professional network. The Yocca Law Firm has a top-tier reputation in the business community. From the first encounter, Nick became fully engaged in my company concept and has done a superlative job representing my corporation's legal matters. I would highly recommend Nick Yocca as an attorney of choice."

– Lani Young, Sales Manager at DMS Health Group

A First-Rate Corporate Attorney

"First and foremost, Nick Yocca is a man of 100% integrity, which is rare among nowadays' lawyers. This, coupled with his personal warmth and empathy, makes clients comfortable. Second, he attacks issues from the "Big Picture", yet is particular about details. This, coupled with his deep professional knowledge, makes him a first-rate corporate attorney. His interests transcend the legal profession. Nick is a rounded individual, an intellectual, and a legal scholar who examines both the problem and personality of his client from every angle."

– Bogdan Maglich, Chairman & Chief Technology Officer at BioAtom, Inc.

A Brilliant Attorney

"Nick Yocca is a brilliant attorney and if you want the best representation on your side you must consider the Yocca Law firm."

– Jack Durban, President at Vorel Company LLC

The Backbone of Our Company

"Nick was highly recommended by my attorney friend in January 2008. He is very creative and has many good ideas to solve many of my business problems. He is also a hard worker and he will help me any day of the week and night, even on holidays. Nick is the backbone of our company and without him, I am not able to conduct my business regularly every day."

– George Suzuki, Chief Executive Officer at Pacific Fuel Cell, Inc.

Direct, Thoughtful and Very Knowledgeable

"I have always found Nick to be direct, thoughtful and very knowledgeable. His work products provide the legal coverage for the company while producing same with consideration for cost, timing and business. I highly recommend Nick and his team to any business."

– Jim Carrigan, COO/Founder at PerSage, Inc.

Efficient and Worth Every Penny

"Nick created the contracts I needed for my design business. He helped me to fully understand the myriad issues that needed to be addressed. Nick and his team delivered an outstanding service in a very short period of time. Their efficiency was reflected in the final bill to me - which was much smaller than I had expected. I can enthusiastically recommend Nick Yocca to anyone!"

– Janet Amon, Owner at The Showroom Collections

An Excellent Attorney

"Nick, Is an excellent attorney and has advised me on many complex business decisions throughout the years. I highly recommend his firm."

– Herb Presley, entrepreneur and former CEO at Amtrex Global Logistics

Unique and Creative

"Nick is an expert lawyer with unique and creative approaches in analyzing all of those business and legal situations in which people find themselves. He excels at the deconstruction of complex issues and then uses clear and methodical steps in reaching relevant solutions. There is always bonus value when you consult with Nick - and his contributions always seem to filter through in positive and productive enhancements in difficult decision-making situations."

– Gil Figueroa, CEO at International Money Management, Inc.

Genuine, Professional, and Talented

"Nick is an excellent attorney, with an uncanny way to empathize with his clients' needs. His business sense is quite keen. He is genuine, professional and talented."

– Patrick Bannister, CPA, Consultant

Timely and Accurate

"Nick is a terrific attorney. He always provides timely and accurate advice."

– John Yocca, President and Chief Executive Officer, Central Communications Corp.

A Real Asset to The Company

"I worked with Nick for close to 10 years as our corporate attorney and SEC expert. I found Nick to be an expert on our legal requirements and was of significant help during our legal requirements. I found Nick to be enjoyable to work with and a real asset to the Company. I would highly recommend Nick for future engagements."

– William Stowell, CPA, former CFO at DPAC Technologies, Inc.

A Great Person with High Integrity

"Nick is not only a great attorney but also a great person with high integrity. Nick has stepped up when he did not have to and I found his work always complete and competent"

– Jason Shin, President at Argo Navigation Inc.

Creative and Conscientious

"I can't recommend Nick enough for your business needs. He is creative and very conscientious. A pleasure to work with."

– Frank Singer, Independent Defense & Space Professional